R&D In-Lab Training

The newly refurbished Research and Development Laboratory in R.I.T Kosovo, is an environment designed for you. With cutting edge technology and space availability, you can’t help but be part of something big. Stay up to date with the latest training and workshops which will help you further develop your skills gained in the online training. The resulting knowledge will provide an unprecedented, integrated professional solution, delivering a comprehensive system to guide your decision on becoming a leader and innovator in the region and beyond.  

Upon successful completion of the trainings, you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by IPKO Foundation and Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo.

All applications for the R&D Lab based training will be evaluated subject to the program eligibility criteria, as indicated throughout the outreach campaign. Once the eligible candidates are filtered from the pool of applications received, the project team will automatically filter the applications and invite all applicants to sit the Admission and placement test. The eligible prospects with the highest scores will be admitted into the program. However, after all scores have been finalized and recorded, priority of admissions will be given to prospective candidates coming from rural areas, minority groups and other disadvantaged groups such as, but not limited to people with disabilities.

Objectives: Obtain new knowledge, applicable to the market needs,that eventually will result in new or improved products, processes, systems, or services for that can increase the company’s sales and profits and/or self-employment by creating new business.


  • Build, sustain or enhance competitive advantage and become the leader in your market.
  • R&D can help you develop unique products and services. These might be entirely new, or may be improvement or innovation within existing product or service.
  • Increase Income – your R&D could help you generate new or enhanced income streams.
  • Decrease costs – your R&D could help you to become more efficient, optimising existing processes.             
  • Build and enhance your brand – engaging in R&D can help SMEs strengthen their brand and reputation.

Criteria: Student should complete successfully online trainings to enroll in R&D trainings.

Durability: 1-month trainings, for 2 selected courses

R&D In-Lab training:

  • Soft Skills
  • Prototyping and App Development
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Java and Web Development

Course Availability:

  •        R&D 1: August 2019 – September 2019
  •        R&D 2: March 2020 – April 2020
  •        R&D 3: September 2020 – October 2020