Social Media and Marketing

What will you learn


Marketing is in the core of any operation within a business. It represents the principles for interfacing internally and externally with organization stakeholders. This training is entitled to provide a holistic view of marketing from marketing theory, marketing strategy and marketing tactics. The course will provide participants with knowledge, understanding and skills for the marketing role within an organization; which is acquired through lectures, in-class discussions and case studies. Participants will grasp key ideas on marketing planning, marketing strategy and tools that can be used to improve their business performance in the market.

In addition, considering the rising significance of social media in marketing today, you will also receive the analytical tools and skills to be able to utilize social media as a powerful marketing tool for your business, organization, or other personal endeavors. The combination of the general marketing strategy and social media strategy will definitely be useful for your marketing planning.

Moreover, you will be introduced and familiarized with the following:

  • Learn about the most successful models of global and regional companies to understand the reasons behind the actions taken
  • Learn about the practical part of the strategies that have been implemented within certain contexts and are presented through examples and case studies (Coca-Cola, Skoda, Swatch, BMW, Intel etc.)
  • Learn about best communication practices depending on the selected channels which will be explored through (video and images) and then be discussed within the group to reach literally established and communicated a message assigned.


Professional options:

This course will be useful for students that aim to focus in marketing area in the future as specialists or marketing managers, however it will be useful for anyone who wants to create a strong brand for their organization, company, business, personal representation, or that is willing to listen and discuss new trends in the field of brand, marketing strategy and communications.


Valon Canhasi

1 month

32-hour training

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