Introduction to Prototyping

What will you learn


A prototype is an early model of a product used for testing a concept or visualizing an idea. This module covers the whole aspect of prototyping which can be an early sample of an app which is not fully functional and contains a basic UI or even sketches.

The module will be extremely helpful for future programmers and UI/UX designers by providing a sound foundation for building apps for future clients. The aim of it is to allow testing an idea without building an actual app.

Course Syllabus:

Module 1: Getting Started 

  • About the course
  • About your instructor
  • What you need to succeed


Module 2: Universal Design

  • Intro to Universal Design
  • Video: Universal Design
  • Principles of Designing a Product
  • The 7 Principles
  • Accessibility
  • Exercise: The principles
  • Quiz


Module 3: Wireframing

  • Intro to Wireframing
  • Video: Wireframing
  • What is Wireframing?
  • 6 Steps to Wireframing
  • Exercise: Framing the App/Web Idea
  • Exercise: Creating User Flows
  • Exercise: Wireframing
  • Quiz


Module 4:  Basic Visual Design Principles

  • Intro to visual aspects of design
  • Video: Basic Principles of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Exercise: Understanding and Recognizing the Principles
  • Exercise: Applying the Principles
  • Quiz


Module 5: Adobe XD

  • Intro Intro to Adobe XD
  • Video: Adobe XD
  • Designing with UI Kits
  • How to use Adobe XD
  • Layout and design
  • Previewing Interactive Prototypes
  • Share prototypes for review
  • Exercise: Learn How to Use Adobe XD
  • Quiz


Module 6: UI Basics

  • Intro to UI
  • Video: UI Design
  • Color
  • Exercise: Choosing Primary and Secondary Colors
  • Typography
  • Exercise: Typography types
  • Typography Hierarchy
  • Terminology
  • Iconography
  • Exercise: Choosing the icons
  • Other elements
  • Understanding other elements
  • Quiz


Leart Zogjani

1-2 week

14 hours of effort


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