Hacks that every Entrepreneur should know

What will you learn
In this course you will learn practical hacks to improve your daily routines and processes. The hacks are from diverse areas of life, including mental and emotional hacks, communication hacks, analysis and improvement hacks. After having completed this course, you will be able to improve daily habits and reach your goals easier and faster than before.

Course Syllabus:

Module 1: Getting Started 

  • About the course
  • About your instructor
  • What you need to succeed 


Module 2: Hacks for … 

  • Routine hacks to improve your daily process
  • Mental and emotional hacks, to improve your mental state and emotional health
  • Communication hacks, to increase your communicative efficiency
  • Analysis and improvement hacks, to help you better understand how you work
  • Hacks for learning about your sector


Teresa Crawford

1 week

5 hours of effort


Progress at your own speed

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